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BIIB – in midst of a diamond mine!

BIIB, an 'A++' Grade' AICTE accredited Business School is located in Pune. Established in 2003, under the aegis of Sri Balaji Society, Pune we are one of the fastest growing International Business Schools in India. We have an excellent track record of campus placement where everyone is almost placed. At the same time we never claim to be a placement agency. Yet our training and scientific grooming have resulted in rich corporate career to thousands of students who are pursuing successful corporate careers globally.
we are known for one of the most updated curriculums, consistently re-worked to suit the dynamic needs of the industry.

Our curriculum is worked to suit not just the domestic market, but the time frame, where competition is lateral and winning is no longer within bounds and challenges are moving towards infinity.

Along with the academics and a healthy set of cultural and co-curricular activities, our consistent interaction with industry Expertise viz. workshops, guest lectures, seminars, mentorship, informal interactions and so on; help us to serve not just a management course, but a wholesome meal to satiate the hunger of aspiring socially responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Uniqueness lies not only with our curriculum but also the infrastructure set up to boost a healthy growth of individuals in challenging times. With facilities and amenities second to none, being a part of BIIB is an experience in itself.

Not only our set of humble credentials but also our excellent placement records testify our endeavours.

Our Vision & Mission

To contribute to the development and wealth of the country by converting young generation graduates into value based, socially conscious, trustworthy and proactive student managers.

To provide the environment of international stature to enable the student managers develop their capabilities to face challenges in the emerging global scenario.

Awards, Ranking & Recognition

  1. Ranked 18 of Top B Schools of Eminence in B School Survey (Source- CSR- GHRDC B school survey No. 2016)
  2. Ranked in Top 100 private B-Schools in India (Source- Business World Survey November 2016)
  3. Ranked in Top 50 private B-Schools in India (South & West) & received AAA+ rating in Maharashtra (Source- Career360 Survey November 2016)
  4. Ranked in one of the Top B-Schools in Pune (Source- The Week- Hansa Research Survey 2016)
  5. Ranked in Top 100 Management Schools in India (Source- Outlook- Drashti Survey 2016)
  6. Ranked as A category in All India B-School Survey 2016 & received Certificate of Excellence (Source: Chronicle B School Survey February, 2016)
  7. Ranked A7 in Super League Group in Business School Special Edition of Business Standard Newspaper dated 17 June 2016
  8. Ranked A++ B-School in Business India Magazine (Source: Business India. The Magazine of corporate world 21-dec-2015 to 3-jan-2016)
  9. Ranked 3 in outstanding B-school of Excellence in competition success Review, GHRDC Nov 2015. (Source: Competition Success Review, Nov-2015)
  10. Rated A7 in Indian Management June 2015 Business Standard.(Source: Indian Management, june 2015)
  11. Ranked 'A' grade in All India B-School Survey 2015 (Source: Business & Management Chronicle)
  12. Ranked A+++ B-School in Go-Getter B-School Survey (Source: Go Getter - Go Air's exclusive in flight magazine May, 2014)
  13. Ranked 17th in Maharashtra in CSR - GHRDC Survey 2014 (Source: Competition Success Review, Nov, 2014)
  14. Ranked 2 in Excellent Group in Business Barons B-School Survey. (Source: Business Barons Magazine February, 2014)
  15. Ranked 8th B-School in Business Standard B-School Survey 2014 (Source: The journal of AIMA a business standard publication May, 2014)
  16. Ranked 44th and AAA rated in West India in Careers 360 B School survey (Source: Careers 360 magazine, Nov, 2014).
  17. Ranked A++ grade B - School in India (Source: Business India, Nov 2013 )
  18. Ranked 18th Most Promising B-Schools of Excellence in India (Source: CSR- GHRDC B-School Survey 2008)
  19. Awarded B-School with 'Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Marketing in 17th Business School Affair & Dewang Mehta - Business School Award for Business School at World Brand Summit held at Mumbai on (4th & 5th Nov, 2009)
  20. Ranked 'A++' grade B-School in India (Source: Business India, Oct 2010)

Admission for Year 2018-20

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 26 Centers All Over India.

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 34 Centers All Over India.

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